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Stop losing money on credit card processing fees with Cash Discount.

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What is Cash Discount?

Cash discount gives a discount to customers who pay for something with cash, a debit card, or a check. The merchant advertises the credit card price, and when the sale is being processed, the point of sale gives a discount. 

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We've been saving thousands of merchants millions in fees for over 25 years!

STOP giving away your hard-earned sales and profits to credit card processing fees, let Altiras GIVE YOU MONEY BACK!

 Retail Terminal-Based Processing.  All companies accepting payments (stores, restaurants, bars, dry cleaners, salons, auto shops, eateries)

Altiras POS equipment and technology can pass on payment processing costs to cardholders as a service fee, saving thousands to tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Web-processing. Through our web gateway and virtual terminal, you may quickly send and receive payments. Accept payments in-person or remotely from any internet-connected device.

100% compliant and allowed in all 50 states.

Business owners can readily establish compliant Cash Discount Service Fee systems that:

It's time to give cash-paying consumers a better discount than credit card-paying customers through a fully-automated process.

  • Return 100% of business owners' profits.

  • Pay credit card processing fees with rewards and convenience.

  • Eliminate monthly credit card processing costs.

  • Give business owners more money to expand, hire more workers, and pay for minimum wage hikes.

Keep more of your profits.

By adding processing fees to the customer's ticket, the Cash Discount program allows business owners to continue accepting credit cards while eliminating monthly costs. To guarantee shops receive the full transaction amount, our automated and seamless method adds payment processing costs to the sales ticket.

  • Cash Discount fees may cost consumers less than a pack of gum, but means thousands in savings for you.

  • Business owners have long borne the monthly expense of credit card convenience, which depletes earnings. In times of corporate success and high revenue, these fees were acceptable.

  • Businesses need every penny they can save in these bad times when sales are down, they must spend more on goods and personnel to keep customers and employees, and disruptions hurt their bottom line.

Fast and easy way to keep more of your sales.

Eliminate All Fees

You keep 100% of your profits by passing on the cost of processing to the card holder.

Fully Compliant

Legally vetted in all 50 states – Meets federal laws and payment processing regulations.

No Hidden Fees

Processing fees are eliminated so you will never have surprise charges on your bill again.

Choose the amount you'd want to pass-thru to customers .

Account Approved

Equipment Mailed or Software Re-Programmed

Call and speak to an Advisor today about our Cash Discount Program. 888.644.5583

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