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Get the rebound your business needs with our innovative Cash Discount Program that will help you business keep more of your much needed profits today.

In these difficult times every business needs all the help they can get to keep their business afloat.

The requirements to do business in the "New Normal" brings increased costs in time, supplies, and labor just to keep your business safe and your doors open. That’s why we’ve created the Altiras Cash Discount program that can eliminate as much as 100% of your monthly processing fees, saving you the money you need to cope in a challenging business environment. With our Cash Discounting software and hardware stack, businesses can pass the expense of credit card fees to customers who understand the added expense of doing business in the "New Normal". 

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New Regulations that help Merchants.

New changes in regulations allow businesses to accept payments without paying costly processing fees.

Eliminate Processing Fees

With the Altiras Cash Discount program there are no credit card rates to worry about. We charge ONE low monthly software and hardware fee, that’s it. No hidden fees, billbacks, or downgrades, JUST ONE LOW MONTHLY FLAT FEE. So don’t wait for your next expensive credit card processing bill to make the switch to the Altiras Cash Discount program. 


Retail Terminal-Based Processing

Storefronts, restaurants, bars, dry cleaners, salons, auto shops, eateries, and all other businesses accepting payments


Point-of-Sale Processing

Altiras POS equipment and technology can be used to pass on the cost of payment processing to the cardholder as a service fee – saving thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per year.


Web-Based Processing

Quickly enter payments, send invoices, and receive payments through our web gateway and virtual terminal platform. Accept payments in-person or remotely from anywhere your customers access the internet.

100% compliant and allowed in all 50 states.

Business Owners can easily implement fully legal and compliant Cash Discount Service Fee systems that will:

  • Reward customers paying with cash a discount through a fully-automated process that gives them a better discounted price than credit card paying customers, it’s about time!

  • Give Business Owners 100% of their profits back into their pockets.

  • Flip the payment of credit card processing fees to customers who want to enjoy the rewards and convenience to pay with it.

  • Eliminate up to 100% of their expensive monthly credit card processing fees

  • Give Business owners more money in their pockets to expand and improve their business, pay for more employees, and keep up with mandatory minimum wage hikes.

Your customers want to help you get back on your feet.

Your loyal customers will show their generosity, appreciation, and care by helping you out with this minimal fee to keep your doors open.

A 'Covid-19 Fee' that is part of the "New Normal" way of doing business.

The Cash Discount program offers business owners the ability to continue to offer their customers the convenience of paying by credit card, while eliminating the monthly costs by adding the cost of the processing fees to their customer's ticket. Our automated and seamless process will calculate the expense of processing payments, add it to the sales ticket, and charge the proper amount to insure that merchants get the full amount of the sale. These "Covid-19" surcharges can be less than the price of pack of gum to customers, but for a merchant working hard to stay afloat, it can mean being able to afford to keep their doors open.  


For years Business Owners have had to shoulder the monthly expense of allowing their customers the convenience of paying by credit card that eat away at their profits. When businesses were prosperous and generated great revenue, absorbing these fees were tolerable, a necessary cost-of-doing business. However, in today’s “New Normal” where sales are drastically down, businesses have to spend more in supplies and labor to keep your customers and employees safe, and the impact of mandatory disruptions that take a toll on their bottom-line; businesses need every dollar that they can save.

Fast and easy way to Recovery.

Eliminate All Fees

You keep 100% of your profits by passing on the cost of processing to the card holder.

Fully Compliant

Legally vetted in all 50 states – Meets federal laws and payment processing regulations.

No Hidden Fees

Processing fees are eliminated so you will never have surprise charges on your bill again.

Choose the amount you'd want to pass-thru to customers .

Account Approved

Equipment Mailed or Software Re-Programmed

Call and speak to an Advisor today about the C19 Cash Discount Program. 888.644.5583

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